About Sai Service

Welcome to Sai Service

Dear Customer, we definitely know how much you love your car. We know your car is not just an investment option for your convenience. We know that it is no less than a family member and something that you absolutely adore! Also, we are aware that the whole process of car buying and then maintenance and service are things that are mostly complicated and take up time and energy on your part. At Sai Service, we take pride in making your buying and ownership experiences absolutely smooth and hassle free. We strongly believe in our motto- It?s the After Sales that Count. We offer the best used cars across multiple segments along with high quality genuine Maruti Suzuki components and spare parts. We also offer cutting edge repair and service facilities and insurance renewal assistance. We have some of the most skilled and experienced sales executives, technicians and service advisors to cater to all your needs. At Sai Service, we will always strive to bring more smiles on the faces of our customers!

About Us

The Sai Service Group is the largest selling Maruti Suzuki dealership in India and has a presence in Pune, Kolhapur, Mumbai, Goa, Telengana and Kerala. The Sai Service Group started its journey in 1985 and has completed 34 years in the market till now. We are also dealers for Bajaj Auto & KTM in Mumbai and Pune . The Group aims to be a one-stop customer solution right from car buying and after sales to service, repair, maintenance, insurance and more.